Emirates Supports Customers Observing Ramadan


Emirates Supports Customers Observing Ramadan. Reflecting the spirit of togetherness and generosity during the Holy Month of Ramadan, Emirates will be serving thousands of meal boxes for fasting passengers both onboard and at boarding gates, screening an array of religious content and popular TV shows on ice, and offering traditional Ramadan dishes in the lounges.

Emirates Iftar boxes at Boarding Gates: For fasting customers at select Emirates Boarding Gates during iftar time, complimentary iftar boxes to help break the fast – containing water, laban, a banana, and dates.

Emirates Ramadan Meal Boxes onboard: Customers breaking their fast across all cabin classes to select destinations will be offered nutritionally balanced Ramadan meal boxes. Iftar meals will be served in bespoke boxes, designed by Emirates to represent the rich Emirati heritage of the Al Sadu weavers. This traditional community weaving practised by Bedouin women of the UAE who handmade accessories in distinctive geometric patterns, reflects the community aspect of the Holy Month.

The Ramadan meal boxes will include light bites from hummus with spinach and Arabic bread, to tabbouleh with baba ghanoush, alongside sandwiches of Moroccan or zaatar chicken with pickled garlic mayonnaise, and some sweet treats of almond chocolate or Arabic baklawa, cashew nut and pine seed baklawa flowers, as well as staples like traditional dates and refreshing laban. Emirates’ Ramadan boxes will be served in addition to the regular hot meal service.