FORMIA celebrates long term relation with Institut Karité Paris

FORMIA has sealed a strategic partnership with the renowned French cosmetic brand, Institut Karité Paris with whom FORMIA has a long term, mutually beneficial exclusivity agreement. In recent years, FORMIA has successfully introduced these kits, tailor-made to suit each airline’s precise requirements, to a number of the world’s best known and most respected airlines.

Institut Karité Paris is a brand with global exposure and universal appeal. Its wide range of products is ideal to vary and adapt the contents of amenity kits, keeping them fresh and innovative as well as delighting passengers every time. In addition to being able to offer an extensive line-up in miniature sizes, Institut Karité Paris products are also ideal for placing in executive lounges and washrooms.

Commenting, Mr Al Chayah, CEO of Institut Karité Paris, said: “Over the past few years, we have built a strong partnership and positive relationships with FORMIA. We’re extremely proud of it. We cooperate in a way that puts common and challenging goals ahead. Their devoted and professional team is supporting us day after day. Thanks to FORMIA’s expertise, we’re continuously expanding our business realm through a wide and high quality product range for amenity kits, while increasing Institut Karité Paris’ brand awareness all over the world. We work hand in hand to continue our success and I can say that partnering with FORMIA is a privilege.”