Hong Kong Airlines shows artistic flair in new Business Class offerings


Hong Kong airlines have launched a new range of collectible amenity kits featuring the work of local artists. The bags are designed to reflect the exciting and vibrant nature of Hong Kong, and show works by Lock Lai, founder of TinBot™ local toy company; Li Han Kong Kai Fontcreator Lee Kin Ming; tattoo artist Lily Cash and illustrator Jane Lee

Lock Lai’s design uses the TinBot toy designs, and shows images of a pilot, flight attendant and the Airbs A350 aircraft. This is a continuation of the work by Toy Brand TinBot that since 2013 has been creating collections of magnetic action puzzle figures based around the individuality of Hong Kong.

Lee Kin Ming uses the art of Chinese calligraphy characters to create prints of signboards and characters to display the uniqueness of Hong Kong culture. He has inherited and digitalized over 5000 Chinese characters to create the “Li Hon Kong Kai” font which features in the designs.

Lily Cash has created colourful, attractive designs using Mandal motifs that have been embellished with elements of Hong Kong culture. These eye-catching designs feature elements such as the Cheung Chau lucky bun, Bruce Lee and the Maan Sau Mou Geung, bringing to the fore the uniqueness of Hong Kong and its culture.

Jane Lee has an individual, and highly imaginative style which is shown through the colourful drawings of her design. The bags feature images such as skyscrapers, dim sum and milk tea that encapsulates Hong Kong Airlines and the energy of Hong Kong.

Each of the kit’s contents have added motifs of elements synonymous with Hong Kong. The items include eye shades, cotton socks, earplugs and cosmetics by popular self-care brand L’OCCITANE, such as shea butter lip balm and hand cream.

The new kits are currently onboard for Business Class passengers on their long haul routes between Hong Kong and North America, including Vancouver, Los Angeles and San Francisco. To make the collections truly collectible the designs will be rotated quarterly so regular passengers get the chance to receive each of the attractive designs.

Hong Kong Airlines are excited about the new collaboration. As Acting Director of Service Delivery Mr Chris Birt says “As a strong advocate for Hong Kong art and culture, Hong Kong Airlines is delighted to incorporate the work of our local creative talents into our inflight products. Their designs are not only truly Hong Kong, but exude the love and pride they have for their art and home. As one of the Hong Kong carriers ourselves, we are proud to promote Hong Kong art and culture globally.”