New Business Class kits on Austrian


skysupply and Austrian Airlines proudly present: The launch of the new Business Class kits for outbound and inbound routes. The airline’s promise to its discerning guests is a holistic concept dedicated to an exclusive, imperial-like Business Class experience. Directly linked to the new cabin design, its color standards, and the imperial theme, the orchestration was also extended to the airline’s amenity kits. They were inspired by the authentic decoration that can be found in various areas of Austrian life ranging from historic rooms from the imperial area to fabric patterns, gardens, and blacksmithing. The special pinch of traditional hospitality, Austrian charm, and royal identity can now be found in three amenity kit varieties.

The outbound amenity kits come in an elegant material mix and a sophisticated style: The leaner pouch is sleek with a satin velour surface. Matching the cabin’s color, red design elements have been added subtly to the amenity kits. Both pouches are equipped with an eye mask – which is also made of the velour fabric -, socks, ear plugs, a toothbrush and toothpaste, as well as cosmetic items by WienerBlut. A popular brand that creates fragrances and products based on original formulas and fads of 19th century Vienna.