New Porcelain Tableware with a Polish Touch



LOT Polish Airlines has unveiled an exquisite new in-flight dining experience.  Together with Kaelis, they have reimagined tableware to elevate the travel experience, making every moment in the sky truly unforgettable.


Inspired by the rich tapestry of Polish cuisine and the diverse culinary traditions found at the LOT destinations, the crockery set is a masterpiece of artistry and functionality, crafted with meticulous attention to detail. This set not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of meals but also improves comfort and usability, ensuring that every bite is savoured.

Embodying modernity and minimalism, this crockery set boasts a unique, contemporary design that stands the test of time. Versatile plates with fresh, sleek forms are an ode to sophistication.

A Polish touch had to be incorporated into the new porcelain set, thus one of the plates will come from Zakłady Porcelany Stołowej Karolina, a Polish company that has been on the market for more than 160 years.

Beyond aesthetics, this tableware champions sustainability. By reducing weight, it contributes to a lighter aircraft load, ultimately lowering the carbon footprint. This commitment aligns seamlessly with our ongoing ‘Mission Eco,’ an initiative at Kaelis dedicated to sustainability at every step.

Izabela Leszczyńska, Director of Product Development and Customer Experience
Izabela Leszczyńska, Director of Product Development and Customer Experience

Izabela Leszczyńska, Director of the Product Development and Customer Experience Department told Amenities “I am delighted that we can present you with further enhancements that are a perfect expression of how our company is evolving. We have brought in a highly experienced manufacturer for this collaboration, whose products display outstanding attention to detail. In designing the porcelain together, we looked for solutions that would present our menu well, which we change on a regular basis to suit passengers’ expectations, taking inspiration from both Polish cuisine and the culinary traditions of the destinations to which we are flying. It was therefore equally important for us to bring onboard new, fresh designs that are also timeless”.