SWISS Plays A Triple Threat!


Having collaborated with supplier, WESSCO International, SWISS has created a special amenity kit infused with Swiss sophistication in its every detail. Teaming up with three iconic Swiss brands, it’s a triple threat, taking SWISS’ onboard hospitality to a top-notch level.

The bag itself is inspired by Bally, the Swiss luxury fashion brand, resulting in a top quality timeless travel companion, crafted to appeal to men and women alike. By blending natural canvas with fine leather details, SWISS have created a simple yet elegant pouch, which is enhanced even more so by the red-and-white stripe Bally is renowned for around the globe. Inside passengers are treated to travel essentials with accented colours along with a box of natural herbal mints from the renowned Swiss brand, Ricola.

If this wasn’t enough, SWISS has gifted its guests to a range of the beautiful products of Swiss luxury skincare brand, La Prairie to keep them hydrated and fresh during their flight.  Mr. Petro Sakkis, CMO at WESSCO International, stated: “We’re very excited to be a part of this collaboration. We’re confident this kit will add towards an elevated travel experience for Swiss First passengers.”