Timeless Inflight Objects of Desire by Philippe Starck



Still very much the objects of desire, it was back in 2015 that WESSCO International called on world-renown designer Philippe Starck to create some of the most desirable in-flight amenity kits ever to take off the runway, and they’re pretty dishy.

Philippe Starck beautiful hard-shell versions


Starck is the iconic modern designer, and the breadth and impact of his work is unparalleled, he is known for the inspiring spaces and products he has created for the hospitality industry.

Philippe Starck soft-case versions


Starck’s collection of first and business class amenity kits were surprisingly minimalistic, considering some of the designers’ more whimsical, eclectic creations. The kits were designed in a diverse palate with soft-case and hard-shell versions which look stunning.


A frequent flyer himself, Starck was thrilled by the challenge of creating something that passengers would not only cherish onboard but long after their trip.

“From the beginning of the creative process, two words appeared to me: the elegance and the gift,” Starck said of the project. “We create such an elegant and intelligent object that it would truly become a gift. And it might be the first time that passengers will open the bag and say: Oh! This is exactly what I wanted!”