2021 Judging

The Amenities Initiatives 2022 looks to recognise the airline industry’s unceasing commitment to the wellbeing of their passengers. They commend the ingenuity, creativity and innovation of both airlines and suppliers during these challenging times, and the rapid changes and challenges they are facing.

Our mission with these awards is to raise awareness and shine a spotlight on the new standards in Hygiene, Sustainability and Wellness that airlines and suppliers have steadfastly adopted. By doing so it has allowed new innovative amenity products for both passengers and crew to take centre stage, and possibly show the new and exciting path being developed for onboard hospitality items.


Award categories correspond to the 100-point scoring system and entries are judged on their own individual merits.

Platinum – An outstanding product
Gold – An excellent product
Silver – A very accomplished product
Bronze  – A well made straight forward product

The entries are judged by a panel of experts in the fields of Hygiene, Sustainability, Wellness, and Product Design.

The Winners to the 2021 Amenities Initiatives are listed by the three key categories just click on the category links below to discover this years champions.



HYGIENE:- Within the hygiene category judges will consider the individual items included within each of the kits, including gloves, masks, wipes and packaging. They also looked at the quality of products such as hand sanitizer and cleansing wipes. They believed it was important for passenger confidence that the items offered matched the quality of those on the consumer market, for example the alcohol percentage in the hand sanitizer being equivalent to that the passenger would be able to buy themselves.

Also noted were those kits that provided passengers and crew with the ability to dispose of their items safely either during the flight, or after.

WELLNESS:- The wellness category is judged on the items ability to ensure that passengers feel at ease during their journey, and increased the probability of arriving at their destination calm and refreshed. Being the most diverse category, each entry is considered individually, and judging focused on the innovative approach to passenger comfort and wellbeing.

SUSTAINABILITY:- Sustainability is focused primarily on the packaging for each of the entries. Judges take into consideration the materials used, both for the outer and inner packaging, reusability of any non-recyclable items and the innovative materials used in place of single use plastics.

Also noted by the judges are those items that were manufactured and collated in the airline’s country of origin to lessen the air-miles and environmental impact of the creation of the entry.