Amenities Autumn 2018


Introduction From Debra our Editor-in-Chief

With the festive season upon us, I’d firstly like to wish you all a happy holiday and a fortuitous new year! If it’s anything like 2018, the amenity industry is set to raise the bar another year over! With the entry deadline for TravelPlus Awards of 2018 in early December, Christmas has come early in the office and St Nicolas has delivered some gorgeous goodies ready to be unwrapped and processed for judging early next year.

As proud hosts of the awards, we’re excited to see what our focus groups have to say! Following on from our Summer Issue, which was inspired by what we saw at WTCE Hamburg, this issue takes the lead from the most recent industry expos at AIX/APEX/IFSA Boston and FTE Singapore, where the industry has continued to thrive however there are certain cracks that are starting to show. In this issue, we challenge the industry to tackle the big questions on Tech, Bedding, First Class Kits and Ethical Workforce Sustainability.

Tech dominates our everyday lives and recently amenity kits have incorporated basic tech elements, particularly in the children’s sector, however is there any space to advance this technology past this initial stage, in a world driven by budgets, and creating kits for the lowest price? Bedding brands have taken the industry by storm, however, when you take away the face value of these brands, how are bedding offerings truly aiding passengers sleep onboard?

First class ticket sales are in decline, and first class cabins reduced as a result; is the extinction of the iconic first class kit upon us? And lastly, how does implementing more ethical practices in the work place lead to a more sustainable future in the amenity industry, with special mention to Matrix’s head of compliance, Steve Wickham, stepping forward for the people behind the product!

As you may have gathered, it’s an issue crammed with questions of the future and if that wasn’t enough, we have supplier Kaelis in the Spotlight, and news celebrating the industry’s most recent partnerships. It sounds to me like you all deserve a much-needed break, so put your feet up and relax with your favourite tipple and this season’s Amenities Magazine.