Founded in 1999 by Beverley Calvert, Homebody now has an international following and customer base. Known for their sleek, simple and timeless designs of sleepwear they are now setting their sights on taking over the skies, and redefining sleep and comfort when travelling around the world.

What is the inspiration behind you brand and products? 

The inspiration behind the brand, is that wherever you are, and whatever you are doing, you can always feel you are ‘at home’ and relaxed wearing Homebody

What makes Homebody sleepwear different to others in the market?

Our sleepwear is manufactured using a fabric we have developed over the last twenty years, called ‘Modal sens’, which is incredibly soft and lightweight on the body to wear, and has a mix of technical and natural benefits for the wearer, making it ideal for travel. Modal sens is made in the UK, and is exclusive to Homebody.

We are also designers, who like to make clothes for men, women and children that look as good as they feel, and we bring out new collections each season in fresh new colour palletes designed to promote a feeling of calm.

Touch Homebody and you can feel the difference, wear Homebody and you can see the cut and design style.

How important is good quality the bedding and sleepwear to getting sleep? 

Good quality bedding and sleepwear definitely enable sleep – why would we settle for less particularly when we are flying. It is really important for our senses to be comfortable and relaxed and to feel cosseted, particularly in the superior class seats. For that to happen, quality of bedding and sleepwear really has to be the best and comparable with what those passengers enjoy at home every day and night.

With airlines opting for brand sleeper suits – Casper, Lalique, The White Company and Christian Lacroix do you believe they are focused more on brands rather than quality of product/materials?

When travelling, I have always found the sleep suit for both to be rough on the skin and badly fitting – not the sort of thing you want to be seen wearing, but more for changing into in the loo mid flight.

Homebody is a luxury British made collection that has a heritage of being a top selling lounge and Pyjama brand, with a loyal following, who love how it works for sleep and travel. Their USP is their luxury fabric that enables the wearer to relax and rest even in a cabin environment.

Key considerations for us when designing for on board, is to create beautifully branded and packaged sets, with very specific design features that would be exclusively available for that airline, including strategic pockets, temperature adjusting benefits, and a cut which doesn’t cling, but creates total comfort, making the products ideal for flying.

For inflight, our competition have provided ‘inexpensive’ sleepsuits that are not exactly the kind of product the VIP traveler would want to wear at their destination or when they get home. It is functional just for the journey and nothing else. Homebody is the product they want to take with them – and wear forever!

There is much competition in every sector, but we believe that our collection with its focused approach to airline comfort, combined with beautiful packaging, give the passenger the ultimate of sleep experience and ensure that that they only want to fly with that airline. People love what we make because it is beautifully made, and they can feel the difference in the quality.

Beverley’s essentials for a good night’s sleep.

  • A long sleeve top and drawstring trackie, made from our ‘uber soft’ modal sens fabric.
  • Our Homebody scarf popped inside the travel bag to keep the neck warm, and allow the user to snuggle up to as a cushion during the flight.
  • A kindle holding a boring book.
  • Noise cancelling headphones and a meditation app to click into. This helps to calm the mind – listening for only ten minutes will do the trick
  • A decent meal – if airplane food isn’t your thing, then grab something from the restaurant in the airport, but definitely do eat.
  • Socks – feet swell during long flights, and it really helps to remove shoes before take-off.
  • Some gentle stretches – twists, reaching above the head a few times, pointing and flexing toes. The worst thing is cramping up after sitting in one position for too long and taking a walk around pre-sleep always helps
  • A small glass of red works for me every time (a little in moderation is not going to hurt!)