FlyFit Launch New Skincare Product Range


A vitamin and mineral-enriched skincare range designed to restore, energise and build immunity for travellers on the go.

Led by FlyFit’s proven science technology, the uniquely curated wellness products allow passengers to benefit from key active ingredients proven to combat stress, anxiety, inflammation, jetlag and fatigue.

The result is a unique and mindful 360-degree approach to wellness offered to passengers onboard and beyond. Plus the packaging is eco-friendly and won’t have any foil or electroplated caps so it is 100% recyclable.

FlyFit mindful 360-degree approach to wellness
FlyFit mindful 360-degree approach to wellness

Passengers can nestle into their comfort zone with the harmonizing Pillow Mist with lavender oil and the Plumping Hyaluronic Serum enriched with shea butter, designed to boost skin with the hydration it needs while passengers rest or sleep.

A layer of the Protective Vitamin C Cream with shea butter and lavender oil will lock in the moisturising benefits of the Serum and protect from inflammation and damage caused by free radicals in the air.

For a sense of inner calm and peace, passengers can apply the Relax & Calm aroma roll on with its light texture, therapeutic benefits and lasting aromatic scent of lavender oil.

FlyFit New Skincare Product Range
FlyFit New Skincare Product Range

Upon waking, the Reviving Eye Cream delivers a complex of nutrients to invigorate and condition skin whilst relieving signs of puffiness. A Soothing Eye Mask with natural plant extracts of chamomile and rosemary leaf further helps to moisturize and de-puff.

Finally, before resuming the day ahead, the Travel Vitamin Health Booster provides a dose of essential vitamins & minerals to boost immunity, cell function and skin health.



New Range of Tailor-Made Supplements from FlyFit