Oman Air Launches New Kids Kits with Milk Jnr’s and Kidworks!


Sinbad, Farah take Oman’s young globetrotters on an adventure. The two young Omani’s love to travel and explore together with Saif their turtle sidekick. Inspiring children to learn about Oman’s culture through their stories. Each character has their own personality, allowing connections to form between them and the different age groups and genders of Oman Air’s young flyers.

Aimee Johnstone – Brand Strategy Director at Milk Jnr’s & Kidworks – said: “By introducing characters that are representative of Oman, we will educate, engage and entertain travellers into a new culture. Making connections between culture and the packs gives a sense of cohesion with the airline which will ultimately build brand awareness.’

Two versions of the pack have been created. One for short-haul flights and the other for long haul. The short haul contains a pencil case, activity book, pencil crayons and sharpener. Whilst the long-haul pack includes a drawstring bag instead of a pencil case and stickers. Aimee added that’ All of the pack items have been carefully considered for the relevant age ranges.

Ernel Eugenio, product development Guest Experience & Branding at Oman Air said: “We are very happy about these new packs. The creative content builds excitement within our young travellers by encouraging them to learn about Oman. Whilst enhancing their in-flight experience and driving an affinity amongst the family market with our brand.”