Thomas Cook Group Airlines launch new Business Class kits


Thomas Cook Group Airlines and skysupply join forces for the launch of the new Business Class inbound and outbound amenity kits

With Thomas Cook Group Airlines, which consist of the sun and beach focused leisure airlines Thomas Cook Airlines UK, Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia, Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium and Condor Flugdienst GmbH in Germany, the trip starts with a laid-back journey. From summer 2017 on, guests who are booked in Thomas Cook Condor’s Business Class, will experience another added value as they begin their vacation: A new inbound and outbound amenity kit which skysupply developed, created and produced in cooperation with Thomas Cook Airlines. Both, embedding Thomas Cook’s corporate identity and inciting the guest to use the kits while on vacation and afterwards were key elements for this project.

“As we developed the new Business Class amenity kits for Thomas Cook Condor, we deliberately refrained from creating a classic cosmetic pouch. All products were designed in a way that allows both, a usage while being in the vacation destination and an after usage at home,” says Wolfgang Bücherl, Managing Director at skysupply. Therefore, the new amenity kit works in a practical as well as in a figuratively way – while using the kit, the guest is either enjoying a vacation or thinking about his or her next trip with Thomas Cook Group Airlines.

Business Class outbound, a yellow hard shell sunglass case

The Business Class inbound kit, a pouch made of neoprene material, comprises a dental set, earplugs, gray socks with a friendly yellow tip and an eye mask. The mask has a yellow colored “wake up” side with an alarm clock symbol relating to the sunrise, and a “good night” side colored in gray with a moon and star print symbolizing the sleeping mode.

Business Class guests, who are flying outbound, will be handed out a yellow hard shell sunglass case – with gray and white details – which can easily be unzipped and securely closed again. In addition to the box, passengers also receive a dental set, earplugs, gray socks with a bright yellow tip as well as a double-sided eye mask with a wake up and sleep graphic, equal to the inbound kit’s item. All items are stored in the sunglass case.

Thomas Cook Group Airlines are united under a common symbol: The Sunny Heart. This symbol and the according color concept are transferred to the inbound and outbound kits and create a positive recognition value with the customer who is longing for another holiday and the extra service that is provided in the Business Class. The new amenity kits are only available on Thomas Cook Condor inbound and outbound flights.