Delta’s New Amenity Sock-cess!


Facilitated by supplier Buzz, Delta have formed a new initiative with Bombas Sock company for their Delta One Amenity Kits this September!

Delta One customers will receive a free pair of Bombas dress socks in their in-flight amenity kits, and for each pair given onboard, another will be donated on the ground.

Bombas was set up after the co-founders learned that socks are the most requested clothing item in homeless shelters and features a ‘buy one, give one’ model. Bombas has donated more than 20 million pairs to the homeless community across the US.

As part of the partnership, Bombas will donate 300,000 pairs of their specially designed donation socks to Covenant House, which provides care and services to homeless and vulnerable youth in the US.

“When our Delta One customers put on their Bombas socks, they’ll know that they are playing a role in answering the needs of Covenant House shelters across the US,” said Mauricio Parise, managing director of Product Development.

The simplest provision of socks can make all the difference, especially as we see the summer months coming to an end!

With 2% of the global population being homeless, and a further 20% lacking adequate housing, Delta’s new collaboration could drive the airline industry to make a difference across all regions of the globe!