Emirates First Class – Hydra Active™ sleepsuits, hydrate while you fly


Pioneering brand, Hydra Active™, has launched a new technical fabric that incorporates exclusive Celessence™ microcapsule technology to enhance the wellbeing of travellers across the globe. The technology was launched with Hydra Active™ sleep suits designed exclusively for Emirates airline.

Born out of the realisation that the average traveller comes into contact with hundreds of textiles in any one journey, Hydra Active™, a Matrix brand, recognised an opportunity to use these touch points as a way to boost customer experience and combat the trials and discomforts often associated with travel. From airline sleepsuits, headrest covers and napkins to hotel bedding, towels and slippers, Hydra Active™ uses pioneering new technology to disrupt existing product categories.

The range of sleep suits are infused with microcapsules of some of nature’s purest, most efficient moisturisers and skin conditioners, such as Aloe Vera and Sea Kelp to help keep skin feel moisturised for up to 30 washes following a flight.

Hydra Active™ Defence, with its built in antibacterial technology, is scientifically proven to provide antimicrobial benefits to on-board and in-room textiles passengers and guests can enjoy the use of essential textile products that are fresh, clean and hygienic, reducing the risk of passing unsafe bacteria from passenger to passenger.

The Hydra Active™ sleep suit products for Emirates were launched at the end of December and are currently available exclusively in the First Class cabin on overnight long-haul flights.

Harry Zalk, Director at Hydra Active™ commented “Long-haul travel can be uncomfortable, especially as humidity levels can plummet from 80% to 20%. Hydra Active™ was established with pioneering wellbeing in mind, and we have had excellent feedback from Emirates’ First Class passengers already. Travel and staying away from home are an increasingly common part of modern life, so it is key for brands to develop products that make these trips and journeys as comfortable as ever. We want to continue to push technological boundaries and ensure that Hydra Active™ can further enhance customer experiences every step of the way.”