Rossiya Airlines with AK Service breaks the mould with new AR children’s kits


Rossiya Airlines youngest passengers are in for a treat this Autumn, with their wonderful range of new amenity kits for children. The exciting new onboard offerings see the a new level of Augmented Reality Technology take to the skies.

There are 2 designs available, one for the over 7 age group, and one for the under 6. For the older children onboard they will be gifted a fashionable bag, that is worn around the child’s waist, with enough space to carry all the ‘must have’ essentials safely, both inflight and long after their journey is over. The kit for the youngest passengers can be utilized as a shoulder bag, or as a secure backpack.

Alongside the fashionable design, the kits contain everything children might need to keep them entertained during their journey. The kits are designed as a dedication to aviation, and the excitement of air travel. There is an activity book that teaches about all the different professions that are needed to make a flight possible, as well as board games, and accessories, such as collectible badges, trinkets and pencils that can be used in school as a reminder of the child’s adventure.

The final piece of the kit is a 3D puzzle which, once assembled shows an airport, airplanes, helicopters and other aspects of a fully functioning airport. It is here that the AR Technology comes to life. By downloading a mobile app and pointing the camera at the built puzzle the airport scene is transformed into a game the children can play, and simulates scenes from around the airport. These include controlling aircraft, boarding and disembarking passengers from their flights and much, much more. The exciting development of a mobile app means that the fun can continue to be updated, and allow for hours of entertainment once the child is home.

Alongside AK Service, Rossiya Airlines are paving the way in children’s amenity kits with this exciting development. Inflight amenities which grow and change over time, and have a life after the journey is over allows the children to remember their travels, whilst learning more about the world around them