Saudia Celebrates its Kingdom’s Culture!


These charming “Fly Through Our Heritage’ Kits recently launched onboard Saudi Arabian Airlines, celebrates an array of cultural elements found across five regions of the kingdom adorned with a mosaic of colours, patterns and images.

This collaboration with the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Heritage (SCTH), will be presented to guests flying on designated as well as long-haul routes with the strategic aim of showcasing the various distinct colors and patterns unique to each region in Saudi Arabia. Southern region (Al-Qatt Al-Asiri Decorative Art), Eastern region (Al-Ahsa Pattern Decorative Art), Western region (Hejazi Rushan Distinctive Wooden Windows), Central region (Najdi Doors Unique Pattern and Decorative Art on Doors), Northern region (Sadou Fabric Craft). Included in the kits are: an eye cover, socks, ear plug, tooth brush and toothpaste, external collector bag, and an introduction leaflet with a brief on the architecture and heritage represented on each bag.

This two year partnership has allowed for content collaboration, but also set the course for building a framework in creating kits in an eco-friendly manner, using recyclable materials in the content and packaging. This approach will be continued for the rest of the onboard products SAUDIA features onboard.