South African and skysupply inspire with a holistic amenity kit concept 


South African Airways and skysupply have been partners for many years. Together, they have successfully worked on creating additional travel experiences to their guests by developing amenity kits that reflect a holistic concept on board and strengthen the corporate identity while up in the air and back on land. In Business as well as in economy class, the pouches bring the beauty, warmth and spirit of Africa on board and pay tribute to the carrier’s home country. The design of the aspiring Durban-born fashion designer Mphelane Mareletse stands for a new, progressive generation of self-confident African artists and directly resembles being “A Catalyst for African Growth”, South African Airways’ brand purpose.

Ever since South African Airways’ first flight in February 1934, it was – of course along its duty to transfer passengers safely and comfortably – the national carrier’s responsibility to represent South Africa and share its unique landscape, strength, and spirit. “By introducing the new amenity bags, we wanted to enhance the guests’ travel experience and make a meaningful statement. The pouches are an elegantly designed object with a useful purpose, but at the same time, they are a collector’s item, and something that goes beyond haptics,” says Wolfgang Bücherl, Managing Director at skysupply. Working together for many years, both companies appreciate each other’s innovative mindset. The holistic idea was rounded off by introducing the designer Mphelane, the airlines’ first testimonial. Mphelane who incorporates her African roots and sense for aesthetics utilized the existing South African Airways brand corporate identity in a fresh, contemporary, and natural way. The result is vibrant and sophisticated and an added value for customers of both classes who appreciate the quality of the pouch material and the attention to detail.

The Economy Class amenity kits include an eye mask, socks and a set of dental care items. The Business Class cotton canvas pouch is a brown/black colored case which natural looks are combined with classy, elegant leather substitute add-ons. The inside is covered in a contrasting red-black ethno design pattern which is immediately associated with Africa’s heritage and art scene. The case includes an eye mask, socks, a brush/comb-combination, and a small box with earplugs, and a dental set. A special treat are the beauty products – guests can take care of their lips and skin with a Jojoba Oil lip balm and a Jojoba Oil moisturizing face cream. Both items are Crabtree&Evelyn products, an award-winning body care from Britain. The other pouch, an imitation leather, has a dark brown color with a black zipper and an embossed logo. When opening the case, the red teeth of the zipper become visible, and beautifully provide a contrast to the black/beige pattern in the inside. The content is the same as in the cotton canvas pouch amenity kit.

The high-quality of the material, the attention to detail, and the emotional tie to Africa turn these kits into collectors’ items with a long, ecofriendly after use. By keeping and using these artful pouches, the recognition value of the airline and designer is raised and along with that, the story of a whole country is about to be told. Features that both, South African Airways and skysupply put great emphasis on in this partnership.